Illness Free:  Copy of vaccination records from vet required. 

Cats:  Documentation of the following is required:
1. Current FVRCP vaccine within 3 years and at least 2 weeks prior to boarding. 
Recent FeLV and FIV test with negative result. (Previous FIV and FeLV vaccine will be accepted in place of test) 
Negative fecal test (worm and giardia)  within 1 month for outdoor cats, within 6 months for indoor only cats. 

1.DHLLP Vaccine (Distemper, hepatitis, Parvo virus, Leptospirosis) within            3 years of boarding.  
2.Bordetella Vaccine within 11 months of boarding.
3.Negative fecal test (worm plus giardia) within 3 months of boarding. 
4.Heartworm tested and current monthly treatments

 Flea Free:  Documentation of a vet approved flea treatment (examples: Advantage, Frontline,Revolution) with in 7 days of drop off.  If boarding is for 1 month or longer, owner must provide monthly flea treatments. All pets will be examined for fleas upon arrival.  If fleas or ticks are present, pets will be treated with Revolution and CapStar, flea combed and quarantined until fleas are gone.  Owner will be responsible for all costs of treatment.  Required for dogs and cats only.

 Spayed and Neutered:  All cats and dogs must be spayed or neutered unless to young for surgery.  Note:  We DO NOT accept non-neutered male dogs or cats over 5 months old.

 Identification: Dogs must have a secure collar with owners name and current contact information.  Cats must have microchip.  

Trimmed Nails:  Cats nails must be trimmed before drop off. Cats will not be accepted if nails have not been trimmed unless boarding is for 3 days or less. 

 Food:  Cats: For short term boarding (14 days or less) owner must provide sufficient supply of pets normal diet.  For long term boarding owner must provide 5 day supply of food for transition to provided food.  This is to prevent digestive upset for pet. If pet is on special or prescription diets or can food, owner must provide food for entire stay. 

For dogs, birds and small pets, owner must provide food for the duration of the stay.  

  Medication:  Medications will be administered to your pets as needed. Bring medications in containers labeled with pets name and directions. 

 Emergency Services:  Should your pet need veterinary care during
their stay we will take them to the nearest available vet at our discretion.  Owner is responsible for all medical bills and/or insurance deductibles when applicable as well as transportation costs.

  Toys and Treats: We recommend you bring your pets favorite toys and treats to help them feel at home.

all forms, directions and info will be emailed to you upon making a reservation.
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