Bird Boarding

  Your birds are kept in an safe and secure area where they can leave the cage to fly or walk around at your request.

  Fresh water given daily fully filtered, chlorine and fluoride free

  Open and airy, and fun for our feathered friends.
  Fresh fruits and veggies given daily as desired.
  Caregivers experienced with many types of birds.

  Birds get a chance to dance too!!
Pampered Pets Hawaii offers pet bird boarding.  
All birds welcome; big, small, exotic, local,
and most important:

I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.  This was my first time leaving Tika (red bellied african parrot) and Chewy (bulbul).  The set up was perfect and the birds had so much time to fly around and enjoy the view of all the trees.  Ann was so sweet and provided me with updates and pics (via text).  Thank you so much for making the boarding process so easy and stress free.

Sara Duncan

“Tika and Chewy”  African Parrot and Bulbul

We went on a trip to Chicago and New York for 2 1/2 weeks and needed someone to care for our cockatoo Rikki.  I found the website on the internet and came to meet with her.  At that time, she was taking care of 2 other large birds and I could tell immediately that she loved birds (and all animals) and was confident and not afraid of birds.  When we returned from our trip, Rickki looked great and I know he was taken care of with love.  Thank you.  We didn’t worry (much) about Rikki while we were away!

Sharon Soto

“Rikki”  Cockatoo

So amazing!  I went away for a few months for work and Ann took such good care of my bird.  She sent me updates with pictures and video.  I never worried about him the whole time I was gone.  This will be little chickens home away from home.

Keala Kennelly

“Lil’ Chicken” Cockatiel

We have had a wonderful experience and will continue to use Pampered Pets.  Our bird “Sailor” loves it here and enjoys coming back, very loving and elean environment.  Thank you.

Dawn Legnon

“Sailor” Red Bellied Parrot

Our parakeet, Hazel, had a wonderful experience!  Ann’s service is exceptional and like no other on the island. Hazel was very happy when we picked her up.  I’m sure she’ll miss Pampered Pets! 

Lisa Cardoza

“Hazel” Parakeet

US Airforce

I went to a conference on the mainland, followed by a week with family, so Rooney stayed with Pampered Pets for a little over 2 weeks.  He has a wonderful time! Ann sent several pictures and text messages, and they were delightful and comforting.  I know he had a great time because he was very cranky for a couple days after we got home.  I think he missed Ann and all of his new birdy friends!!! AWESOME services, great, affordable, responsive and responsible.  Mahalo Pampered Pets Hawaii!!!

Caroline Wright

“Rooney” Conure

Pampered Pets was and is very great, not to mention reasonable rates as well.  Ann not only look over our Carlos, but she too the time to make him feel comfortable while I was away for 2 weeks.

Darin and Yolanda Gonzalez

“Carlos” Conure

US Marine

We needed a place to keep our birds safe and loved for a week during a recent vacation.  Our birds were happy, looked great, and didn’t want to leave when we came to pick them up.  They were clearly well looked after.

Scott and Sharrra Winecoff

"Koolah and Kiko”  Conure's

Very pleased with the overall experience both with the quality and attention to care of my cockatiels.  The actual environment in which they were boarded was a perfect vacation experience as they were allowed to roam freely out of their cage and socialize with the other birds.  I highly recommend Pampered Pets!

Bellodgia Yamamoto

“Sakura and Kauai” Cockatiel’s

Awesome.  My wife and I are very impressed with the professionalism and family environment.  Our pet bird was taken care of better then any boarding facility we’ve ever used.  Thanks Pampered Pets Hawaii!

Reg Harrison

“Sylvester” Cockatiel

US Marine

Tiki had a wonderful stress-free stay!  We did not want her to be subjected to movers and hotel stay before leaving the island.  We were even able to pick him up to ger his vet travel clearance.  Tiki had fun with the other birds and looked sad to go.

Sarah and Casey Zoellick

“Tiki” Cockatiel

US Airforce

We had to board our bird while to house was being painted.  It was very last minute but she was able to take him.  He did well.  The cage was nice and clean and big.  He was happy to see us after 3 days but he looked as if he was very content.

Ruth Moen

“Manu” Indian Ringneck

Ann is awesome!! She provided me with videos and picture to keep me updated on Birdie.  Knowing my little baby was in her care provided me with a “peace of mind” feeling. I knew he was in good hands.  I will definitely use Pampered Pets again.

Coleen Gotto

“Birdie” Pigeon

It was the best!  She sent pictures of Ikaika enjoying her stay which made us feel good knowing she was well cared for.  A very good experience for our bird!

Jennifer Lynn Walts

“Ikaika”  Macaw

I had my pet bird boarded because I went to the mainland for Christmas.  Ann did a wonderful job with my bird.  I can tell my bird really enjoyed his stay.

Doug Raphael

“Sam” Conure

Wonderful experience!  My love bird was always so happy following a stay at “Nana Ann’s”. Would highly recommend!

L. Carlos Isaza

"Abednego" Love Bird

US Army

I had to board my birds on short notice.  I was very pleased that Pampered Pets took them and took good care of them.  I received text and photo updates.  A good experience overall.  Highly recommended!

Shannon Garcia


US Army

Fantastic!  I had to go out of town for a week and found Pampered Pets online.  Ann was able to take care of my bird on short notice and my bird was so happy I don’t think she wants to go home!

Stella Porter

“Bulby” Bulbul

We had to board our golden and 3 birds while termite tenting our home.  Ann was wonderful in sending text photos and messages to let us know how they were all doing.  They had never been away from home before.  We were assured that they were all just fine while away from home.  Would highly recommend Pampered Pets.

Denise Fleming

“Luckym Bandit, Henry and Mango” Amazon, Cockatiel, Myna

Kailua, Hawaii

We visited family in Washington. We had a good experience, healthy, happy birds!

Trece Brown

“Peanut and Monkee” African Grey’s

US Army

I had my [love] birds boarded because my visiting family stressed the birds and the birds were not happy.  It was a relief to know they were in a nice caring place and I enjoyed meeting Ann, the Pampered Pets owner, and knowing she would take good care of them.  It was a great experience for me.  I should have stayed there and left my family at my house!

Diane Condray

“Fluffy Pants and Peachie” Love Birds

Kaneohe, Hawaii

Jin and I were getting married and needed a place to house our birds where they would have lots of attention and space to roam and fly.  I am very happy to have Ann watch my birds and know they will be well cared for in my absence.  Thank you so much for watching my babies!

Stanlyn Yoshizumi

“Kanaka and Sky Budgie” Parakeets

Honolulu, HI

We needed boarding for our birds until we got into a pet friendly room.  Pampered Pets was a lifesaver.  They were very convenient.  We had a great experience and would highly recommend their services to anyone.

Terrance Gist

"JT (African Grey) Oscar and Tiki (Cockatiel)

US Airforce

Very reasonable rates.  Pet sitter is experienced with birds.  Very flexible- I was able to extend my trip.  Individualized care and attention.

Elizabeth MacNeil

“Joey” African Grey

Great service. Very happy. Thank you so much for helping me with my birds and being fair and honest with me.  I will be happy to give a reference to any one who calls me.

Tony Beck

“Lucky and Merlin” Macaw and Eclectus Parrots  

Waikiki, HI

It was reassuring to know my bungies were in good hands.  As well, it’s nice to have Louie and Coda with someone who really cares about animals, rather then just a friend feeding the birds as a favor.

David Walter

“Louie and Coda” Bungies

Aiea, Hi

Great service, so happy with care offered and facility.  Super friendly.  Would recommend to anyone!

Kristin Merritt

“Luna” African Grey Parrot

Kailua, Hi


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